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A day in the life of a Taijutsu Specialist [entries|friends|calendar]

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A Man's Burning Speech [25 Nov 2008|03:17am]
Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!
Whether its impossible or laughable
This is the path that all great men walk!
If there's a wall in our way we'll break it down!
If there's no path, we'll build it with these hands!
The magma in our hearts is blazing like flames!
Everlasting combustion! Gurren Laggen!
Believe in yourself. Not you, who believes in me. Not me, who believes in you.
Believe in you, who believes in yourself!
Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggen!
Isn't your drill the one that will pierce through the Heavens,
the Earth and through to tomorrow?!
Experience The Lotus

[15 Oct 2008|01:56am]
[ mood | excited ]

Haha, this thing is still around. Talk about retarded old school. I don't even want to bother reading through some of this stuff again, I already know I was a dumb kid growing up. Funny what a few years will do to you. Or how a few sentences can just open your eyes and make everything absolutely clear. Sinns is such an amazing person. Geez.

Looks like its finally time for the lotus to begin to bloom twice. If you could even call everything I've done up to this point blooming once.

Lame... but I had to say it.

No where left to go but up =D

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[30 Oct 2006|04:13pm]
"Sorry, The years haven't been kind to me."

"Don't worry, I'll change all that."
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Durango 2006, Day 3 [17 Jun 2006|04:06am]
Sadly, I'm WAY too tired to post an entry on today. It was a gooda day but I'll go into detail about it later. Probly not until the 19th or something cuz were leaving for Albequerque for the tourneys in a few hours. We're gonna be over there today and tomorrow, so I'll have quite an update for then. Hope you all are doing well, catch you laterz ^_^
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Durango 2006, Day 2 [16 Jun 2006|03:57am]
So it's my second day here, and it was quite the lazy day. Nothing too great to report but here goes.

Woke up around 12 to the sounds of my GP2X playing random songs into my head. For once, my headphones didn't fall off during the night, so that was cool. Got up, took a shower, came to the living room and chilled for a bit. We played the usual for most of the day which is Smash Bros and WoW. We did take several breaks in between of course.

First break happened when we were supposed to meet some of Jordan's friends over at the tire swing. What is the tire swing you ask? Not your typical tire swing that's for sure. This tire swing hangs off a tree that lives 20ft above a river on a plateau. I haven't experienced it myself yet, but I'm pretty sure swinging through an open space with no floor and letting yourself fall must be quite the rush. We didn't get to try it cuz Jordan's friends had left already so we went to meet up with them on the market side of town. They were pretty cool people. Spent most of their time talking about how they're planning a trip to Denver. Then we headed back home.

2nd break happened when we were both pretty damn hungry. We just finished a round of WSG and AB and decided it was time to look for some grub, so we drove over to City Market (Like a small HEB) and bought 2 bags of the generic Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and a gallon of milk. On the way back we encountered a cop that didn't follow most if any of the rules of the road. We were about to place him under citizens arrest until he turned and we didn't feel like chasing him.

3rd break was for Jordan's job actually. He works night security here at the apartments he lives at. Basically what he does is stop by all the service zones I guess you could say - office, spa, rec room, etc - and make sure theyre locked up and whatnot. He also has to make a pass through the entire complex making sure all the cars that aren't parked in visitors zones have the proper parking permit, or else they get a ticket. If they fail to comply they get what they call "The Boot" which is some metal bar you place on one of the vehicles wheels and they can't leave until they pay a fine to have it removed. I've already seen 1 of these get put on a vehicle, doesn't look fun.

We spent most if not all the day PvPing on WoW. We skipped AV (Alterac Valley) and queued up only for WSG (Warsong Gulch) and AB (Arathi Basin). It was truly insane and tons of fun. We were in the same group at all times and since we're in the same room, we could just tell each other who we're attacking or whose attacking us and we assist each other accordingly. We got both of the top spots for all the BGs most of the time, but at least one of us always got top spot for sure. Since Horde suck on our server we turned the game into an assassination type game. There were certain Alliance players that just stuck out for some reason and we made it our sole purpose in the game to kill these players. The most popular one for us would have to be Buhay, a 60 pally. Don't know why really, but it was freakin hilarious. There were some other players like Zyth, a 60 rouge that HAD to try to kill one of us, even if we were in the middle of a group, and Nesi, a 60 warrior who is a waste of epics. Then there's just the really stupid players you just have to kill. Fun times.

PvPing on WoW is really all we did today. I ended the day with about 32k honor and Jordan easily got over 40k since he started earlier than me. While it might seem like a waste of time, this is really the first time we've ever done this. Jordan stopped playing before I hit 60 with my warrior and he had been 60 for a pretty good while, so PvPing the way we were today was something we just had to do, since we are the Smash Bros. after all. Smashing faces solo is pretty fun, but melting faces as a team is what we do best. Nothing like charging the same target simultaneously and killing it in 4 shots.

Part of today though I kinda went solo cuz our guild was running Molten Core and Jordan couldn't come cuz he just joined. We beat Domo on our 2nd attempt, and then we downed Rag on our 2nd attempt too. It was so awesome, an ending to a fight that you wouldn't believe. Everyone was so excited, people were screaming on the voice client for a good 5 minutes, it was such a great accomplishment for our guild since we've been working so hard to gear up and get ready for this moment. I'm glad I was able to make it ^_^

Today was one of those "We gotta do this" days. WoW PvP FTW. Tomorrow should be much more event filled tho. Getting up early to hit up the rec center then the Durango Lanners (AKA n00bs) are throwing a LAN so we're gonna go and wipe the floor with them. Short entry today, I'll have much more to report tomorrow hopefully. Hope you all are doing well, catch you laterz ^_^
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Durango 2006, Day 1 [15 Jun 2006|12:09am]
I'm writing this from Bryce's comp, since he's out of town he's letting me use his comp for now and even made my own user account and called it "Mass Danstruction". w00t!

The bus trip. Dear lord the bus trip. I left the valley at 1:30 AM on the 13th and didn't get here to Durango until this morning (the 14th) at 6:22 AM. They almost messed up my schedule too since my first bus which stopped at San Antonio arrived there at 6:30. I was supposed to have a half our layover and leave at 6:00. Thankfully the lady was able to reroute me back on schedule, although that complicated things as well. On my original schedule I had 2 layovers that would last 2 hours each. With my new schedule I had several layovers, about 15-30 minutes tops. This basically meant I couldn't get off the bus at any of our stops. As a result of this the only meal I had during my 30 hour trip was a Texas Double Whopper with no jalapenos and a glass of water from Burger King. Not to worry tho - that's a huge burger and it kept me going for the remainder of the trip.

The buses themselves were something else. ALL of them have incredibly uncomfortable seats which made sleeping all but impossible. It was more like closing my eyes for extended periods of times. The first bus was extremely cold, hadn't shivered like that in a while (Didn't take a sweater >.<). Then on of the busses a women decided to sit her 2 or 3 yeard old son next to me while she sat somewhere else with the rest of her kids. I really didn't mind the kid just he would kick me and stuff moving around in his seat. Then after the next layover she put her 2 or 3 year old daughter in the same seat with him, next to me. I really didn't mind but I was just like dang... she could've at least asked or just told me she was gonna do that. There was this one woman though... had 2 little girls and they SCREAMED about EVERYTHING. There was no quiet conversation, no settling them down. Just 2 built in megaphones set to max volume at all times. For a good 6 hours thats all I could hear. I took my GP2X to listen to music (which helped drown out the girls screaming at each other) and Leo lent me a ton of manga to keep me busy on the way up and it did its part. I didn't even get to read all of them yet, so I still got some material left for the trip back.

There is one thing that made all this bearable, not just the fact that I'm going to hang out with Jordan and the gang or that we're gonna smash faces in Albequerque in a few days. It's the scenery. So much more varied from what we're used to in the valley. You see lots of green, lots of brown, but its on the way into Colorado when you see the mountains, that's when it finally feels different. The sense of scale and size is overwhelming.

When I did finally get here, Jordan picked me up after a quick call (I was able to use the payphone since Jordan's number is now a local call), and we were gone in no time. Of course, no first morning in Durango would be complete without a trip to Denny's, which we had before we headed home. I got the usual, which is the Fruit Filled Pancake meal. I get mine with cherry filling, scrambled eggs, and a glass of milk. Jordan got one of the new meals, can't remember what. It was pretty cold in there too, until I started eating. After that, it warmed up pretty nice.

So afterwards we went to where I'll be staying for the next week, Jordan's apartment. He shares it with 3 other people, all of whom I met during spring break of this year when they stopped by the valley and crashed at my dads house for the week. Funny how things work out. The only thing that sucks about this years trip is that neither Matt or JR could make it. It's always been one or the other or all of us overe here, so this is quite a chance. JR is stationed somewhere in Cali with the marines, and Matt just finished his tatoo apprenticeship, so he really couldnt ask for a week off after his first week on the job. Oh well, hopefully I'll get to see them at some point during the summer.

We've just been here chilling really. Playing lots of Melee to get us ready for the tournaments coming up, theres gonna be a 1v1 tourney of course, and Jordan's pretty confident he's gonna place pretty high if not just win the whole thing. I can give him some trouble with my Pikachu if I try hard enough so I'm hoping to place pretty high as well. Then there's the 2v2 tourney for which were gonna enter as a team, but the catch is that friendly fire is on. This sucks of course cuz now we can hit each other, but at the same time it opens up some new gameplay possibilities. For example, an enemy might be coming back down from a fall and we can't immediately reach them, we'll one of us could jump up and get hit up into the enemy player to hit them. Should be interesting.

Then there's the Marvel vs Capcom 2 tourney and Capcom vs SNK tourney. For Marvel, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I won't do well. I've gotten over my stage fright during tournaments so I should be able to play confidently when the time comes. As far as SNK goes, been a pretty good while since I've touched that game but I should be alright. I'll just have to play it smart with the basics I suppose. There's always the suprises of course, hopefully they'll pull through.

There's also gonna be a UT2k4 tourney but I'm not sure if I'm gonna be in it since you gotta pay extra for LAN tourneys, and I don't even have my own comp. But we'll see I suppose.

I got Jordan back into WoW as well so we've just been melting faces on there. He quit playing before I hit 60 with Exe and now that we're both 60 we just kick so much ass it's insane. Some stuff like ganking lowbies in the Alliance starter areas probably doesn't count as pure ownage, but us owning the top Alliance playeres in battlegrounds definetly counts for something. We might not win cuz Horde aren't very team oriented, but we usually show them who's got the goods when it comes to PvP skills. Mando and I got him into BDU as well (That's the guild we're in, BlackDeathUnion) so pretty soon he's gonna be raiding MC with us and getting epicced out. Should be fun ^_^

The last 2 days before the bus left I spent pretty much all day every day taking care of things that had to be done before I left. At the top of my to do list was visiting all the people I care about and thankfully I got to do just that. I spent more time with some than others, but I loved every minute of it, so I was able to leave with no regrets and just look forward to what's going to happen this week. And I know Dad's gonna be looking after everyone just the same as when I'm there, so there's no reason to worry. ^_^

This was more of a relax day than anything else, just being lazy and whatnot. After that 30 hr trip, this was pretty nice way to spend the day. Although now it's pretty late and everyone's asleep, I suppose I should be hitting the hay as well. Hope everyone's doing well and hope to hear from you all sooner than week from now =P
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Update of the Year [27 Apr 2006|09:53am]
[ mood | Just woke up XD ]

Alright lets see here. Been forever since I've written in here so I might be a little rusty, but here goes. This is basically just gonna be a jumbled list of things that have happened lately.

-First and foremost, I HIT 60!!! WOOO!! And Jason hit 60 about 2 weeks later, we're all uber now. We also joined an endgame guild called BlackDeathUnion with Mando and we've already been to Molten Core and stuff, we're friggin 1337. I'm a Tauren Warrior, Exe, and he's a Troll Shaman named Mileena. We've also started working on our PvP ranks, I hit Stone Guard this week and Jason's a Blood Guard. SOON WE WILL RULE AS HIGH WARLORDS! You can find us on the Detheroc server if you wonna get owned ^_^

-Alright so not only do me Jason and Deathgod play WoW, but Vickie, Gonzo and Leo just got broadband at their house and upgraded their comps, so now they play with us too! They're only in their mid 20s at the moment but I'm sure they'll catch up in no time. And Leo too, whenever he decides to play on our server.

-ANDY GOT NEW METAL PADS! Yes padS, as in more than one. Theyre smaller than my old metal pad but they work just as good, its so awesome. We've already had several DDR sessions at his house and despite me not playing for a good while, I managed to beat Paranoia 270 or whatever on heavy on the first night we got them, which is another step forward for me ^_^. Everyone else is getting better too of course.

-Speaking of Andy he bought and already beat Kingdom Hearts 2, and he already beat Sephiroth. He's also gotten 2 new snakes, a little one that burrows and a new 6 footer he has dubbed "The Massive". Both are extremely cool for their own reasons, but man this guy's gonna start a zoo in his house if we don't keep an eye on him XD.

-GUITAR HEROES!!! Leo and I picked up this little gem from hastings not too long ago, and even more recently Leo picked up a 2nd guitar. SOOO much fun (Franz Fernidad - Take Me Out FTW!), suprisingly JR (Jason's cousin) is the one who got the most excited over all this, and he has already mastered the game on expert. Then again he's a pretty badass player with a real guitar, so I guess that helps.

-MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2! I left my Dreamcast at Jason's and now a few of us play tons of marvel, I even bought a new joystick cuz the old one started acting up pretty bad, couldn't do crap (thought id still win 99% of the time =D). The new one is exactly like the old one just that it actually works. I'm starting to learn the Magneto infinite and how to use Sentinel and Storm, maybe Psylocke too... I've definitely gotten better tho I think, and I have to if I plan on beating those guys at the dirt mall >.< The best part about it is the people I practice with are getting so much better as well, it;s awesome ^_^

-BABY CHICKS! YES!!! About a month and a half ago I bought 6 baby chicks, 5 female and 1 male, and I kept them in my room while they were tiny, then the garage as they grew, and now theyre big enough to keep them loose in the backyard. Call me crazy, but raising chickens is just such a fun project to do on the side. I really wouldnt call them 'pets' cuz they don't really respond to anything other than food or water, but they're still hella cool. Hopefully I can keep them around till theyre fully grown, I've always wanted to breed them. Here's to hoping =D

-NEW COMP!! FINALLY!! I upgraded my pc not too long ago and now its absolutely blazing. New nForce 4 mobo, Dual core proc, 2 gigs of ram, 7800 GT, I finally have a machine that can keep up with me. Now I can record gameplay with no slowdown, and then re-encode the video WHILE STILL PLAYING with no slowdown! This means I can finally start making music vids, I have at least 1 planned for WoW and 1 for F.E.A.R., maybe more tho cuz that game is too cool. Maybe even a UT sniper exhibition vid someday, thatd be cool.

-Speaking of upgrades, since I basically got a new comp, so did Jason. He got all my old parts which are still damn good, so he's living it up now as well. And now all his old parts are going to be used to make Andy a new comp! Just waiting on him for the OK to order whatever parts we need, then he's getting broadband and getting on WoW as well! WOOOO!!!

-While not as important, my hitting has definitely been improving thanks to George (for the bag) and Leo (for the gloves) of course ^_^. My straight hits make the entire structure shake violently, sometimes the bag gets knocked off one of its supports. My body blows are finally starting to send it flying tho, which is definitely the progress I was looking for. Can't wait to see where I'll be in a few months =D

Thats about all I can think of for now, then theres the usual stuff like hanging out with everyone at Jason's and whatnot. Thanks goes out to God of course for all this badassness thats been happening as of late. Doesn't look like any of it's gonna slow down either. In fact, with summer just around the corner things are definitely going to pick up even more. Can't wait ^_^

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FELIZ NAVIDAD! [22 Oct 2005|07:25pm]

That was a hell of a party eh? ^_^
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[19 Jul 2005|10:59pm]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GONZO!!! [18 Jul 2005|03:51pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Yesterday was my devil brothers birthday!


It was so cool and so much fun! It was me, jason, krillin, george, cuddles, leo, vickie and my brother! We were all there ahead of time to set stuff up and suprise Gonzo when he got there, but me and George kinda forgot to park our cars somewhere else... whoops XD. It was cool anyways tho, the best part of the day/night was when Gonzo opened his present from Vickie... A FREAKIN PSP!! OMFG!!! Gonzo is soooo lucky to have a g/f like her. It make me so happy to know he's in such awesome hands =) And him for Vickie too... its too great ^_^ But yes the look of shock on his face and his reaction in general is something I wont forget anytime soon. Like the time we went to the arcades so long ago and he commanded the guy working there with a giant pixie candy stick. We played lots of games, like the obvious Naruto 3 and King of Fighters and DDR. Then we got all nastolgic when Krillin and Leo started playing all these old SNES games on my comp like Mario Paint and Battletoads/Double Dragon. I also introduced everyone to a new game based off this awesome anime I recently saw called Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers 2. I'm glad they got a kick out of it becuse I really love that game and that means its just another game we'll have mindless fun with when we hang out. Around 12 we all started to head out, but man what a day. Today hopefully I'm gonna go see my devil bro and vickie and leo. I love my friends! =D

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I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying I'll see you later ^_^ [07 Jul 2005|01:54am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Random picture that I like because I think it best describes my relationship with my grandma. I think that woman had more to do with my upbringing than my own mother did. She was damn strong, fighting long and hard, living an extra 10 years even after grandpa left. She did so much for everyone, especially me. Out of all my family and cousins, I'm the one that grew up with her beside me. I had never once in my life thought that I would be one of the few in our family putting her away. I'm gonna miss her like crazy, that's for damn sure... but I'm also glad because she's finally resting. If anyones earned the right to take a break it's her. I was gonna make it all up to her someday but I guess I didn't plan this far ahead. Thats ok though, I'll think of something. I'll show her she didn't work so hard only to leave a weakling behind.

Watch me proudly grandma, I'm gonna become damn strong.
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[17 Jun 2005|10:58pm]
[ mood | Semi-Satisfied ]

-I got tagged by: orientalgal81

1. Total numbers of film I own on DVD/video: Wow.... too many to mention. Lots of them are videos, hand-me-downs from my dad, and hes been buying tapes since the early 90's. Now hes just as bad with DVDs so theres quite a few of those too ^_^;;

2. The last film I bought: Hmm... umm... oh yeah The Incredibles for my little bros b-day

3. The last film I watched: Hajime no Ippo:Champion Road (anime movies count right? >.<)

4. Five films that I watch alot: Oh man I stopped watching movies regularly a long time ago. However if I think back that far this is what I come up with (in no particular order) 1.Jurassic Park, 2.True Lies, 3.Predator, 4.Half Baked, 5.Snatch

5. Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal:

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[16 Jun 2005|01:32am]
[ mood | Irrelevant ]

Alright let's see... how's this work again?

Oh yeah!

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

My interview by chinia(The coolest person EVER![sorry, I don't know how to do the whole LJ cut thing =P])

1. What's your major, or field of interest? I don't think I've ever asked you that....
-For the moment its Electrical Engineering. Field of interest is definetly computers... I just want to be able to do crazy stuff on a computer someday.

2. Got any big plans for the summer?
-Well the big plans I had have already come and gone, and that was the trip to Durango. My friend wants to take us up again in July but I'm still debating it since it cuts into Summer II. Other than that just keep jogging and stuff ^_^

3. What's one of your favorite things to do besides the regular gaming, movies, online, etc.?
-I wonder if manga/anime and hanging out with my friends fall under the etc. category? Seriously tho, outside of my own hobbies I can't think of a better way to spend my time than with my friends. Nothing really comes close. Well actually something does but it's not much more than a rare occurrence these days.

4. If you could be a crayon, what color would you be? :P
-Definetly one of those weird colors no one has heard of like Egg Yolk or Mold or something. If I can't do that then blue works too ^_^

5. Do you really -REALLY- think you can beat me in console games?? ;D
-LOL wow... well I thought I stood a chance at one point but when you put it like that then no, I don't really think I can... but I have been known to do the impossible on more than one occasion so I just might surprise you... ;)

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I... hunger.... [09 Jun 2005|03:01am]
[ mood | NARUTO! ]

In a feeble attempt to update regularly I will now list a bunch of random thoughts!

I ROCKED AT BATTLEGROUNDS TODAY! Got top rank both times! My wounds are finally starting to heal, man new skin takes a while to make but its so cool seeing the stages. I didn't mean to tear their punching bag down =( Today was another good run, hitting that large concrete pillar is good. I gotta keep training my left so my right can get stronger. It's only the 2nd day, why are my calves sore? Man I haven't played UT2k4 in a while, I should do that tomorrow. I really miss them, I hope I see them soon ^_^. I should REALLY give her a call soon. I haven't played Naruto in so long, I'm probly gonna go through withdrawal. Ugh my back hurts. Stupid dog. Can't wait till I can hit with my right again =D He'll be ok, God wouldn't let him down. They'll be slow for a while but they'll catch up soon. I wonna do something nice for someone tomorrow. I want some fried fish. Gotta go get some watermelon when I'm done here. Gerudo Valley rocks! mmm violins. I finally reached 50 today, the road to 60 is gonna be hell. I hope Cuddles goes with us next time. Gotta watch some Naruto! wait...what?

I GOTTA WATCH SOME NARUTO! 138 finished d/l so time to get some watermelon and kick back and enjoy the show! ^_^

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OMFG GG [06 Jun 2005|01:38pm]
[ mood | Waking ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh man I found this while I was scavanging around for Naruto fanart. I found TONS of absolutely awesome artwork but this just stood out and made my day, made me laugh the longest too. Too great ^_^

So yeah, I post this cuz I think its funny and hopefully other Naruto fans get a kick out of it too ^_^

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[27 May 2005|04:01pm]
You scored as Anakin Skywalker.


Anakin Skywalker


Darth Vader


General Grievous


Obi Wan Kenobi






Mace Windu


Clone Trooper


Emperor Palpatine


Padme Amidala






Which Revenge of the Sith Character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

My 3 fave chars scored top 3! =D

Btw, I'm back.

I'll make a slightly more realistic post later tho, got things to do now...
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[16 May 2005|01:37am]
[ mood | Ambiguous ]

Well in about 6 hours I'll be leaving to Colorado for a week or two with Jordan, Amy and Matt to help Jordan and Amy move back up and chill for a while. This is really cool and it should be tons of fun but I can't help but feel a little sad too. Everyone I care about and everything I love is here, and the people who aren't here aren't that far off. The thought of leaving all that kinda makes me sick... but it's only for a little while right...

When I think about it though, I went through quite a bit this semester. Not only did I sign up for 16 hours, I worked for a while, lived on my own for a while, got really sick for a while, and then finals were right around the corner. Not only that but people at home are always pissing me off and valley drivers have really gotten to me lately. I guess I deserve a little vacation... maybe even earned it (oh yeah I scraped by this semester with an A, 3 B's, and a D... gotta fix that D XD). So yeah, getting away for a little while might actually be good for me. It won't be all fun and games though... the atmosphere is different and the air is thinner, perfect for training. It'll be a great warm up for my menu when I get back, so I won't come back empty handed ^_^

I'm so glad I got to see them today. Just being with them, even for a little while, was all I needed for a second wind. After everything that's happened in the last few months I've been so tired... I just want to sleep... but I can't say no to them. I'll keep fighting for them and I'll get stronger for them. They mean that much to me.

Here are a few apologies in no particular order:

-Sorry we won't get to hang out again, it's my fault for not planning ahead =/

-Sorry for showing up so late, I'll make it up to you.

-Sorry I'm not gonna be here for your B-day, but I'll think of something.

-Sorry I can't make it to your graduation party, but we'll definitely hang out sometime.

-Sorry I didn't tell many of you guys that I'm leaving. My heads been spinning at 1,000 mph lately but I finally reached my conclusion today.

When I get back, things will be different.

Thanks Dad. ^_^

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1 more day... [11 May 2005|10:36pm]
[ mood | Empty ]

Wow, 1 more day and I'm finally free from the clutches of t3h sch00l. This year went by so fast... faster than high school years even. Despite how crappy this semester was, and last semester being my first, I managed to walk out of it without any scratches... nothing but B's all the way through, which is grand ^_^

Although it might be a little too early to celebrate... still need one more exam tomorrow, which is Trig. Not looking so hot to say the least... thanks to my last 2 tests I need to ace this exam to get at least a B. Well I guess I've made it through worse before so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

*sigh* Still so many other problems... still so many other things I have to deal with... seems for every good thing in my life there has to be 10 bad. Right now that doesn't matter though... I can't let it matter... I just want to get stronger... I have to get stronger... For whatever reason that's really the only thought I can find comfort in... the only other thought isn't realistic. But ah whatever... I'll deal with things as they come. No fear here ^_^

On a brighter note, today was my return match to UT2k4 deathmatch! Yesterday was Instagib CTF but today I kicked it old school using default weapons and such. I got accused of speed hacking and aimbotting and one guy even went as far as to blatantly call me a cheater so I think it went well. Fools got pwned. Yoda style. Still working on getting to that point where there is no gap between my hand and eye coordination... where I can hit a target simply by seeing it and wanting to do so... where there is no secondary thought process of having to aim and whatnot... kinda like DDR... I see the arrows and move accordingly, no thinking required... All in good time i suppose, good stuff ^_^

In any case this test should be my top priority for the next 14 hours. Can't mess this one up, so I'm off to finish t3h studying.

Oh btw, zombies are real...

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PWNED [10 May 2005|08:11am]
[ mood | *deep breath* ]

From this day forward every time I pwn someone at something, like MvC2, UT2k4, any 2D fighter, whatever actually (especially UT2k4, I won my return match the other night, me and some guy called Ninja [how fitting ^_^] had a 2v2 CTF game against a pair of clan guys and we won... YATTA!!! =D) it shall now be done Yoda Style. Like so:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I wish I could take credit for this pic but I can't, it was just too awesome to pass up though ^_^

BTW, Good Luck on exams everyone!

Oh yeah priceless moment of the yesterday: Amy and I were testing each other on the last 2 tests we had in American Heritage II and I noticed she cut my questions short... when I handed her the test to keep quizzing me she said "Oh you want me to keep quizzing you? I stopped earlier because you were getting them all wrong." LOL Geeeez... way to give up on me sis-in-law... I forgive you though cuz you let me borrow ur notes to study! ^_^

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2 down, 3 to go [06 May 2005|02:20pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Just got back from making my physics presentation... it was on the subject of how physics are now being used in video games, and I used a tech demo from Half Life 2 as the high point. Then the teacher was showing us our grades and I had around a 83.5 but it turns out you need a 85 to be exempt. I was in quite a pinch to say the least... what was I to do? Then it hit me! I would watch the teacher look at the screen for a while... click on a box in his grading spreadsheet next to my average... and type a huge A in there... then he would turn around and tell me to go home. It was the perfect plan! Thankfully it worked out just fine ^_^

This is good, especially since that stupid UNIV 1301 class ("learning how to learn!") doesn't give a final... which leaves American Heritage II, Psychology, and Trig. I have to score at least A's to walk out of this semester with B's, which is just great by me... I'm not trying to win this round, just survive it. Thanks to work, then moving out, then being sick for like a month, then exams 2 weeks later, this semester went to waste pretty quick... I'll just have to make up for it next year.

But on a brighter note, it's friday! FRIDAY DAMMIT!! WHOOO!!!

hmm... what to do...

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